ABYA allows you to play the newest videogames on-demand by streaming them from the cloud to any device.


Bleeding edge real-time graphics processing designed for the datacenter.


Designed to support as much user concurrency as needed.


Multiplatform client design allowing integration to new devices with very little effort.


Realtime Software Development that allows the delivery of top quality games without delay.

Gaming as a Service


Play to the most demanding videogames,
from any connected device.


Maximize your brand and service value.


Less development effort and larger market,

and 0% Piracy


Be part of the future.

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“True progress is that which puts technology within everyone’s grasp.”

Henry Ford


The game is located and executed 100% on the cloud. There is no need to use either a high power PC´s or latest generation consoles. The videogame multimedia flow is entirely sent through the Internet. You do not even need disk space!

Without complex installations nor prohibitive graphics hardware requirements. You are able to play from any device and resume game in any place. And the best of it is: all at an accesible price.

Play the latest triple A games without delay. Our service will provide you with the necessary computing power. You just need to press “PLAY”.

“It’s not about ideas.
It’s about making ideas happen.”

Scott Belsky


ABYA is 100% piracy free.
Due to the fact that
a video stream is provided instead of the source code, there is no code to be cracked.

ABYA gives you the chance to revive clasics , providing games with a longer life cycle and, therefore, with higher profitability.

ABYA provides deeper penetration for the products and a lower barrier of entry for any studio size.

0% of development overhead. You give us your game and we immediately publish it on our platform.

“The future is not what is going to happen, but what we are going to do”

Jorge Luis Borges


The videogames industry is one of the most profitable and stable industries on the entertaining segment, with a 16% annual growth.
For 2020, Forrester predicts more than 600% growth for the Software as a Service market.
Cisco predicts more than a 400% growth, in traffic terms, mainly due to the users demand to access productivity and entertainment software from any device.
Gaming as a Service is the future of entertaiment and ABYA the technological platform that behind it.


We are a team of young software developers, with passion for the videogame and telecommunication industry.
We have more than 20 years of accumulated expertise on these industries.

ABYA received the Prototype with Innovation Potencial and the Innovation Implementation
grants from the Uruguayan government Research and Innovation Agency (ANII).


ABYA is part of the ThalesLab startup accelerator program.



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